Shaun Brink

artist, author, consultant


conceptual art and trauma related resourcess
The Facing Life series had a life of its own. I never planned to create the Faces, they just evolved. I kept meeting people who faced difficulties with humor or courage or both. Their stories, their eyes inspired me.  

Facing Life

an artist? Really?

I am a late blooming artist who discovered the gleeful joy of art at the age of 53. It could not have happened at a better time.

Each piece of art, each illustrated book and story has been a unique journey of discovery and connection. It provided me a way to not only transform grief and trauma but to also share the lessons so many others have taught me over the years.

I am delighted to share them with you.

Life is lived in this one moment.
Fear, hope, suffering, anger, confusion, yearning....
these are  not real.
They are great signposts though to remind us
we are not fully living in this moment..

Conceptual Art


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The joy of discovering I could do art

I never knew I could do art so the first time I drew a rock

that looked like a rock at the age of 53

I was delighted .. .


Transforming grief and trauma


I  worked in the field of trauma and abuse for thirty years. The thousands of people I worked with were my best  teachers...more than the classes and books. Their wisdom and amazing resilience in the face of trauma and deep grief inspire all that I create and do.


I also am inspired by my family and those I have met in the last ten years as our family dealt with a series of losses and traumas that  transformed us .For more about the lessons  of transformation and my personal journey  click here