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The Trees


melted crayons on water color paper,unmounted

$40 each

A series of melted crayon paintings capturing the mystery of the forest

I am there for you, always

   Acrylic on Canvas 12X16


Protected Image.
Protected Image.
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Tracks of My Heart

Acrylic on Canvas 10" x 10"


Urban Stories II

 Dawn to Dusk

Two acrylic on canvas paintings 18" x 18"

Dusk in the city

TDawn in the city


Urban Stories

I am entranced by the infinite variety of lives and stories framed by  city windows. 

These are two from the Urban Stories series and were painted as a pair.

BUY NOW AND PAY OVER TIME? At check out you will have the option for installment payments.

BUY NOW AND PAY OVER TIME? At check out you will have the option for installment payments.

 UP TO 6 MONTHS TO PAY? when you check out you will have the option for delayed payment .
Enjoy now, pay over time.

Original Acrylics for sale

Protected Image.
Protected Image.

She protects

She adapts

She is one and she is all

Like many paintings that I have done, this one emerged in layers of color from dark to stark to brilliant.

My work in the field of Child Welfare and my experiences with the surreal world of brain tumors taught me that people, even in the worst of times, have choices. Some folks I encountered believed they were being forced, controlled, and victimized, their choices not their own. Others, even when loss and hardships kept rolling over them like endless waves of stormed churned seas, flourished.
They accepted responsibility for the choices that influenced their paths and for the lessons they were learning. They had courage and resilience that grew rather than weakened.
They grieved the clean grief of loss and avoided the traps of suffering and pity.
They knew pain and they found peace.
They sought knowledge but saw life with wisdom.
This painting honors them and you in your journey

girl on a flower

acrylic on canvas 





24x12x2 2 

painting wraps around the sides so no frame is needed

now $150

Pain and peace,

knowledge and wisdom


acrylic on canvas


painting wraps around the sides so no frame is needed


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Many of my paintings have fence-like images. Rather than containing the beauty and life, the fences are a back drop. Life is beyond, free, all encompassing.


When I painted this canvas I felt peaceful, but in a barren landscape of quiet.  The first layer of this painting reflected my sense of aloneness. . .beautiful but  a field of few flowers and trees. Layer upon layer I add more and more paintings as I moved from aloneness to oneness,from enclosure to inclusion.


Photos of several of the layers created during the painting of Girl on a Flower will be provided with this purchase.