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"I will protect you," the woman said quietly, not sure if she said the words aloud.  " You are safe in my heart."



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It was two years since my husband had died of a brain tumor. I was redefining who I was in this world of  "after" and "the new normal." I painted and drew for hours. The child image was unplanned.... a spirit of kindness and gentleness. I felt peace.

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The Child Within

pastel on paper


Child with Red Hair

pastel on paper


She  knew life in all its forms but did not turn from the knowledge. 

Page: The Faces of Wisdom -original pastels by Shaun Brink
Did you know you are a sun-one?” the monk asked the little girl.  Her only answer was a puzzled expression.
"Yes, you are a sun-one.
You are not like the moon. Your light does not come from the people around you .
You are not like the earth either. Your destiny is not controlled by other people's actions.
The light is there - inside of you. Your light is all your own.
You are a sun-one.


The child thought about what the monk said. She liked the idea of a beautiful sun being inside of her. She could feel the warmth of that light in her beginning to unfreeze her cramped limbs and her knotted stomach
Excerpt from the illustrated short story "Sun-One" by Shaun Brink

Trauma Transformed

                                          rediscovering life after trauma and loss
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Sun One

pastel on paper


Woman in Blue

pastel on paper


People have been asking to buy my art work. I was surprised but decided to do so in order to support my outreach to others  and my work for our collective peace, healing and joy.


facing life

 a tour of the  Facing Life series
Poster, prints and originals are for sale.


facing life

pastels and sketches honoring the people I have met over the years  who faced life's challenges with humor, courage and determination