Trauma Transformed

                                                     rediscovering life after trauma and loss

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The Protector Spirit

Everyone has a Protector Spirit inside of them. I have one. You have one. Even babies have one from the moment they are born.

Some people call the Protector Spirit by other names like determination, will to survive, development and maybe  instinct. I suppose those names are okay, but I think such an amazing part of us needs an amazing name. Don't you?

You see our Protector Spirit has this awesome, special job. It finds ways for us to get our needs met - needs such as food, shelter and safety. Most important of all, our Protector Spirit finds ways for us to have love and a sense of belonging.

Our Protector Spirit didn’t start out knowing how to do all of these things. Every day, from the moment we were born, this Spirit in us learned more and more ways to help us.  Your Protector and my Protector are still learning, right this minute.

It started out that our Protector Spirit knew only a few things when we were little babies. It knew we needed adults to feed us, change us, hold us and keep us safe.  It knew that if we cried or smiled or cooed that most adults would take care of us.