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The Next Chapter

Our Protector Spirit Kept Learning

The kind grownups listened to our cries.

They fed, clothed, and held us - just what every baby’s Protector Spirit wanted adults to do.

Some of the kind grownups smiled back when we smiled. The big people  hugged us nicely when we cooed.  They made funny faces and talked in silly, high-pitched baby voices to see if we could laugh more and be happier. We liked that and wiggled our bodies and smiled bigger.

The kind, loving adults taught us about being safe, too. They taught our Protector Spirits about crossing the street and not taking poisons. They taught us about hot things and cold things, kind touch and mean touch, and lots and lots of great lessons.

These grownups told us we had the right to be safe and loved and special. We believed them. Our Protector Spirits became stronger and smarter and worked even harder to keep us safe and well.