Doctors and counselors have another big term for this kind of thinking. They call it EMOTIONAL REASONING. That means that we sometimes see the world through our feelings rather than through logical observation.


Isn’t all of that confusing?

This  excerpt comes from the  chapters that focus on the impacts of trauma that may linger into adulthood.

The dark times

I feel so it is

Then there are the dark times.

We stand apart, looking out at a world we cannot not trust.

Something may have happened, but sometimes it seems the world shifted  from light to dark with no warning.

We feel afraid so we see the world as scary.


We feel sad so we think things are hopeless.


We feel alone so we think we are alone . . .  even in a room of people who care about us.


We feel no one will protect so we think most people are dangerous or unreliable.

We feel angry and suspicious so we think other people are lying to us even when they are not.

We feel damaged and unlovable so we think no one will like us.


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