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February 2009

I am writing this on a beautiful Sunday, the last day of February.  My grandson David  told me before he left to go back to Portland that it had been a great day.  I am not sure what his exact definition of a great day is, but I suspect it includes being able to shoot his BB gun out in the sunshine and to be with his dad.


I could tell by the look on his face that he had created some wonderful memories today.  So did I. I walked  on my land and helped my son Ryan plant a strawberry bed.  I painted a picture and ate a great salad with tangy cheese.  I hiked down to the creek and listened to the crickets and the sound of water dancing over rocks.


My son Ryan  told me awhile ago about a watershed moment in his life during his senior year.  Folks had told him about how their high school years were the best times of their lives.  He said he had this sort of out of body experience or awakening. He realized that at that moment he was making his memories for the future.


Everything he was doing, everything he chose to do would one day be a memory for him.  He was responsible, he realized, for the memories he would have in later years.


Ryan said he didn't mean that he did everything perfectly from then on.  There were times that he made choices and did things he looks back on with some regret.  But he understood that his memories were his responsibility.  He told me it affected how he functioned in life from that point on.  It affected how he looked at what he did and even now how he looks at life.  He's made an effort over the last three years, he said, especially since his dad died, to find enjoyment in everything he does.


Today I did things that will create good memories for the future for February 28.  Each time I experience February 28 I am adding to the memories of this day over the years.  The sad things that might have happened on this date will be be overshadowed by all the good things that have occurred throughout my life. 


In this moment I am living life.

In this moment I am creating my memories for the future.

Thanks Ryan and Davie for being such wise teachers.



 excerpt from Lessons from the Young © Shaun Brink

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